Covid-19 Info Center

May 11, 2020

Availability of IS&T’s 24x7 IT support for students completing final exams


With Spring semester finals upon us, I am writing to ensure that everyone is aware of the robust IT support options available for students who may be completing final exams.

This semester, IS&T has worked with students to overcome hurdles as they adjusted to the rapid changes catalyzed by Covid-19. We’ve shipped out hundreds of hotspots, computers, tablets, and peripheral computing items (many arriving next-day) to students to help stabilize their computing environments and enhance their remote learning experiences. 

While many students may know that IS&T offers 24x7 IT support to all members of the MIT community via email to or by calling 617-253-1101, I’m sure that there are many that may not be aware of this invaluable service. The Service Desk can assist with a wide variety of items, including access/login trouble to specific websites, hardware/operating system troubleshooting, and fielding technical questions about our Learning Management Systems and the various other software available to the community. We have worked with the content curators of the Learn Remote website to ensure that IS&T’s 24x7 support availability and contact methods are prominently displayed alongside other great support options available to help guide students through any IT difficulties that they may be experiencing.

If you are planning any additional outreach to students, please consider including mention of IS&T’s 24x7 support offering. We’re here to help keep our students up and running in any ways that we can.


Mark Silis
Vice President, IS&T