Covid-19 Info Center

March 27, 2020

Two new funds to support MIT’s Covid-19 response

The MIT community has responded to the Covid-19 crisis with an outpouring of offers of support.

Therefore, MIT has created two new options for people to help MIT’s response efforts, in addition to the preexisting Student Life, Wellness and Support Fund.

Gifts to support MIT’s response to help with the Covid-19 crisis, including providing equipment, space, expertise and other resources to local area hospitals and other health care providers. Contributions to this fund will supplement Institute resources that are already being applied to these immediate medical needs. Examples of MIT’s outreach include donations of personal protective equipment and the design and mass manufacture of disposable face shields.

Gifts to support MIT faculty and researchers addressing various aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, including vaccine development, portable ventilators, AI solutions, and improved protective equipment.

Gifts to this preexisting fund will help address student financial needs that have been exacerbated by the crisis, in addition to ongoing efforts focused on student wellness, mental health, and support services.

special online giving form allows individuals to contribute to any of these three funds.

For more information, contact David Woodruff, associate vice president and COO of Resource Development.